Credit Unions

Summers Compton Wells serves as an affordable “one stop shop” for credit unions of all sizes, large and small, and allows them to obtain comprehensive and experienced legal services from a trusted and knowledgeable legal advisor. We work with credit union clients on a daily basis, effectively serving as outside general counsel and advising them on the wide variety of issues they face in their day to day operation.


Our representation recognizes the unique role credit unions fill in the financial services industry and covers every aspect of credit union operation, including corporate governance, credit union mergers and acquisitions, credit union service organizations, employment issues, litigation, debtor/creditor relations, real estate and regulatory compliance. We assist our credit union clients with collections, foreclosures, deficiency suits and navigating the bankruptcy process when borrowers seek protection of the bankruptcy court. Our extensive experience in serving the credit union community allows us to provide proactive advice on consumer compliance issues, NCUA requirements, charter applications, regulatory changes and rules governing credit union service organizations. We develop innovative and practical solutions to all our clients’ needs by balancing the ever changing regulatory landscape with practical, business-minded solutions.


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