Sports Law

Sports law is a unique and diverse practice area, often involving issues that intersect contract law, employment-labor law and antitrust law, together with the traditional areas of the law that govern the operations of our firm’s sports related clients. From the individual athletes on the field to the entities that oversee and govern them, the lawyers at Summers Compton Wells are uniquely positioned to provide full-service counsel to just about all levels of this exciting and emerging field.


As practicing attorneys with direct experience as athletes themselves together with the skills refined from years of representing our clients, the sports lawyers at Summers Compton Wells have developed a particularly useful niche in assisting college athletes and their families in making careful and intelligent decisions with respect to navigating the transition from college athlete to professional. Whether the college athlete requires assistance with specific sports industry related decisions, such as NCAA rule compliance, draft advisory opinions, agent selection or general legal advice on more traditional areas that gain importance as the transition to professional is contemplated (i.e. estate planning, real estate, contract negotiation, etc.), the sports lawyers at Summers Compton Wells are set up to make the transition as smooth as possible. Likewise, Summers Compton Wells is designed to effectively and efficiently handle virtually any legal issue that a professional athlete may encounter as well.


The sports lawyers of Summers Compton Wells also represent agents and their businesses in navigating the various legal issues that typically arise in the course of preforming services for their athlete clients.


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