Sustainability Initiatives

Going Green

Icon Create a Paper "Less" Office
  • Before you print – STOP – and think about if printing is absolutely necessary.
  • Encourage duplex (two-sided) printing and/or copying on the main copy machines on each floor.
  • Include the Electronic File Only language in ALL client engagement letters.
  • Distribute documents (such as phone list, stats, etc.) electronically rather than on paper.
  • Encourage production of documents (such as discovery) to be sent through secure iManage Share site.
  • When closing a file, make sure all physical documents are included in the electronic file then have the physical file shredded, when possible.
  • Encourage clients to agree to receive electronic monthly bills.
  • Encourage our vendors to send bills electronically and agree to receive payment via ACH.
Woman Laptop
Icon Shredding, Recycling & Reducing Waste
  • Recycling bins in every office, workstation and common areas. All paper recyclable material to be placed in the bins.
  • Recycling bins are emptied by shredding company. All shredded material is sent out for recycling.
  • Aluminum recycling bin in the kitchen. All cans to be placed in the appropriate bin.
  • All toner cartridges are recycled.
  • All delivery boxes are broken down and shredding company picks them up to be recycled.
  • Use of trash compactor in kitchen for non-recyclable materials.
Shredded Paper
Icon Purchasing & and Using Sustainable Products
  • Use of filtered water machine to eliminate bottled water completely.
  • Use of compostable plates and bowls.
  • Use of washable coffee cups and glasses instead of disposable items.
  • All paper has at least 30% post-consumer recycled content.
  • Reuse office supplies whenever possible (file folders, pens, notepads, etc.).
Sustainable Products
Icon Decreasing Energy Usage
  • Eliminated computer server for document management and moved to the Cloud.
  • All computers are Energy Star rated.
  • All printers and copiers are Energy Star rated.
  • Encourage "lights out" when attorneys leave their office to attend a meeting at another location.
  • All computers and monitors are to be turned off before leaving for the day.
  • Kitchen appliances are Energy Star rated.
Light Switch
Icon Clean Air Environment
  • Smoking prohibited in the building and within 25 feet of any of the entrances.
  • Delivery people are not allowed to keep their vehicles idling.
  • All exempt employees, attorneys and paralegals have remote access to reduce or eliminate commuting on some occasions.
  • All attorneys are provided with a laptop (Surface) and docking stations for their work and home office so that they can work remotely.
Woman Laptop
Icon Conserving Water Usage
  • Where possible, substitute outdoor landscaping with native plants to reduce the need for pesticides, fertilizers, or watering.
Purple Wild Flowers